Why the Equipment Matters: Efficiency + Accuracy = Quality for Less
Blue Ridge Surveying & Mapping, Inc. uses state-of-the-art technology for optimum performance and accuracy. We also employ the GLONASS Satellite System for GPS surveying, gaining access to 63% more satellite locations than standard GPS systems. Combined with SmartTrack technology, these systems produce fast and accurate results in more difficult surveying terrain.

Licensed by the FCC to use a 25W radio base station, we maximize our surveying range from a single location. The result is less relocation and setup time, giving Blue Ridge Surveying & Mapping, Inc. greater efficiency and cost effectiveness.

All these features, together with over 100 years of combined surveying and CADD experience, add up to accurate results in less time. Less time means our customers save money without sacrificing quality.

Surveying Equipment
Topcon GPT 3003W Wireless Total Station
Lightweight and compact adding efficiency to the survey process through easier portability.

Trusted in the industry with proven accuracy resulting in reduced downtime due to mechanical failures.
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TDS Ranger Wireless Data Collector
Wireless communication eliminates downtime due to instrument cable failure and increases efficiency through ease of set up.

Prism-less feature facilitates object measurement such as utility poles and buildings without directly approaching the object thereby adding to the efficiency of the process.
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